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45mm Handcannon by syaondri 45mm Handcannon :iconsyaondri:syaondri 1 0 Guess Who this is? by syaondri Guess Who this is? :iconsyaondri:syaondri 1 0 Yamato 12 O' Clock by syaondri Yamato 12 O' Clock :iconsyaondri:syaondri 0 0 Robo Kiana by syaondri Robo Kiana :iconsyaondri:syaondri 2 0
Let Me Go (Let It Go ~Kancolle Parody~)
The sea changes upside down tonight
not a shell to be shot
A kingdom of isolation
And it took me prisoner
The water goes to all of my deck corners
Took me deeper in
And you know just why…
Don’t let them live
Don’t let them flee
Be the winner you always have to be
Engage, don’t fear
Don’t let them won
Well now they’ve won
Let me go, let me go
Can’t stay afloat anymore…
Let me go, let me go
List my deck into sea’s floor
I can’t tell
How deep will the way
Though the storm would stop
The sea never bothered me anyway
It’s funny how some meters
Fades memories away
Even the one once besides me
Can no longer stay
It’s end for me as we both know
Even the goddess had enough
No hopes no more, you can’t fool me
Forget me
Let me go, let me go
I’m now the part of the sea
Let me go, let me go
Don’t you ever feel fear
Here I’ll stay
And here I’ll say
Let the
:iconsyaondri:syaondri 0 0
Inazuma 2nd improvement.... or yea by syaondri Inazuma 2nd improvement.... or yea :iconsyaondri:syaondri 3 0 Malice ouch by syaondri Malice ouch :iconsyaondri:syaondri 0 0 Malice Dakimakura by syaondri Malice Dakimakura :iconsyaondri:syaondri 1 0 Conflict zone by syaondri Conflict zone :iconsyaondri:syaondri 0 0 Sky Serpent by syaondri Sky Serpent :iconsyaondri:syaondri 0 0
A Spoonful of Diabetes
Someone told me
That sometimes sweet lies
Keep one alive
But then I asked
If we live on those
Won’t we get diabetes instead?
The person laughs and so
the time moves on
There is nothing to be fear
Nothing to seek
Or so I made myself to believe…
I was alone that time,
No one to share the pain
I was hurt that time
And there’s nowhere I can hide
The shadow drags away
All my hope and dreams broken up
As the light I see in the distance
Was a built up mirage
People see
People care
People lie
But then I meet you
With shortcake
and a strawberry on top
you’re smiling right at me, as you feed me with sweets
I don’t know what to do
What to say or what’s in your thought
But then I was, so addicted… to this taste.
You laughs and so
The time then stops
There is nothing to be fear
Nothing to seek
… is there?
I am no longer alone
Everyone’s now gathered here
Right beside me
But there’s something I can’t hide
:iconsyaondri:syaondri 0 0
World Ocean Day by syaondri World Ocean Day :iconsyaondri:syaondri 0 0 Move Out! by syaondri Move Out! :iconsyaondri:syaondri 0 4 Inori in the look out by syaondri Inori in the look out :iconsyaondri:syaondri 0 0 IB Mero Colored by syaondri IB Mero Colored :iconsyaondri:syaondri 1 0 IB Mero by syaondri IB Mero :iconsyaondri:syaondri 1 0


Commission for Liliorl: Framboise by longestdistance Commission for Liliorl: Framboise :iconlongestdistance:longestdistance 574 93 I still see you... by longestdistance I still see you... :iconlongestdistance:longestdistance 618 87 Well well well well well.... by longestdistance Well well well well well.... :iconlongestdistance:longestdistance 649 55 Don't you have anything better to do? by longestdistance Don't you have anything better to do? :iconlongestdistance:longestdistance 1,470 164 Squamous by M-GO Squamous :iconm-go:M-GO 10 16 Jyushimatsu Falls in Love by M-GO Jyushimatsu Falls in Love :iconm-go:M-GO 194 37 Peltasta by M-GO Peltasta :iconm-go:M-GO 21 3 Kongo's Ship by M-GO Kongo's Ship :iconm-go:M-GO 21 4 Violin Concert by M-GO Violin Concert :iconm-go:M-GO 18 6 Autumn by M-GO Autumn :iconm-go:M-GO 12 5 Summer by M-GO Summer :iconm-go:M-GO 38 5 Spring Break by M-GO Spring Break :iconm-go:M-GO 34 15 Uraraka vs Bakugou by M-GO Uraraka vs Bakugou :iconm-go:M-GO 31 5 Wendys - Sketch by GENZOMAN Wendys - Sketch :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 3,613 141 Tex Avery GIF 22 by Toongod Tex Avery GIF 22 :icontoongod:Toongod 11 1 Colony Wars starter pack by KillaBC Colony Wars starter pack :iconkillabc:KillaBC 31 18


this is all was my original characters, and I was dreaming about them having their own video game :D

their game would be a top down shooting but with some difference than the other game on the same genre

please don't use them without telling me first, especially if you used them for commercial purpose



A national Archive of Ellia with a pile of mysteries inside of it. Acting as the head archivist was a young human girl Malice Velocity. She was the onliest daughter from the famous Velocity family whom had been blessed by the big fairy of time and space Luna herself. She has a genetic disease which caused her growth is stopped as she reaches 18 years old. Malice lost both of her parents when she was 8 years old, and up until now, she has yet known who actually killed them. Even though her Archive was a national property, most of the time her action really insulted the magical committee and pushed them to detent Malice for several times. Even though so, Ellia’s Pigeon, Princess Chloe, likes her so nobody dare to actually disband her archive collections. Her magics are considered powerful, but her fragmented trees aren’t doing a great damage individually.

Besides the head Archivist, there are two other archivists working in this archive. They are Felicia and Hector.

Felicia the cat Tailians are very stuck to Malice because she’s her only family, not that they are blood connected, but it is because Malice adopted her as Malice’s little sister. She is a bit childish especially because of her young age, but sometimes she can gives the feeling that she’s  Her past is still mystery even to her because the only place she remembered was the orphanage. Even though younger than the other two archivist and haven’t taste how a school feels like, Felicia is smarter and stronger than the other two, nevertheless her weakness is her physical power which is just too weak.  

Hector is a dog Tailians who was asked by the committee to guard the archive together with his two new friends. After living quite a while with them, Hector seems to follow Malice more than the committee. He is loyal to Malice, the reason may still be unclear but somehow, he looks as if they’ve met once. He may look rather “not smart” for an archivist, but his physical skill are far above the other two female archivist making him looks like the security of the archive.

Today, is another boring day on the archive, and almost no one’s going to the archive, not that it usually does though… the hard rain outside adding the list of reason for someone to visit  the archive.  That didn’t stop the Clingworm to get inside the archive thou. Usually, their numbers are just fit for the Nautilica's tummy, a gigantic whale shaped mythical beast who lives bellow the archive, but this time, the worm are just too many, as if the Moths from the Griffin’s Hills are migrating to their library…

“Or are they….” Said the head archivist who then decided to figure it out by her self.

On the other hand, Hector had his instinct told him something wrong is about to happen to the library…
So, Malice decided to split the group, two of them will guard the library while the rest one of them are going to investigate what happened…

On the south of the archive, the committee had launched their best army from the STS (Space and Time Security). STS, like what it said, is an army made to secure the border of time and space between the Infernia, Nirwana, and the “Real World”. But sometimes, or more often, they are also hired by the committee to do some task, especially regarding the Steamburst’s Homunculus accident that happened not long ago.
Sylvia Amethyst, a first lieutenant and the leader of the Star Team on destroyer class Albatross, is one of the officer sent to the Griffin's hill to investigate a predicted Homunculus' escape. She excelled on Ice section of Water tree. She might be harsh toward her subordinate, but she actually cares a lot to every of her subordinate. Her usual catchphrase heard on a drill by her subordinate is adding “Baka” or stupid on every name or pronouns. She excelled at both magics and physic making her an excellent multirole magician good for magical or melee strike.

Sylvia and her teams are having an order to investigate the Griffin’s Hill area. Two of her subordinate managed to make a contact with a homunculus, even though their description didn’t matched any of the homunculus criteriathe target's speed and strength do convince her that it was a homunculus. Because none of her subordinates managed to catch the homunculus, she decided to go and look for her by her own…
  • Listening to: Miracle Hinacle
  • Reading: Nicholas Flammel; I am Four
  • Playing: laws (XDD)


Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Bandung, Indonesia
Favourite genre of music: I... like many... XD but I like jazz best... especally if they have trumpet ^_^
Favourite style of art: Chibi; SD
Favourite cartoon character: Sakura Kinomoto...
Personal Quote: If you can't be the best, at least try the best


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